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Sunday 12 July 2020

Multimedia projects

Give life to your strokes and make it feel by the digital technology. The multimedia era was a big door opens to the world art and digital design areas, the video and sound have evolved with us so much that now we have more public who receives an immersive and interactive experiences.

See bellow a list of the recent works and projects developed: 2d & 3d animation, video editing and vj mix, multimedia presentation, interactive installation and more.

Processing [ART]

Nantes (France)

Training from the leading Stereolux Workshop of Processing, organized for the second edition of the "Days of Creative Code": discoveringand playing with the creative possibilities of this platform, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, performances and more...

Read more: Processing [ART]

A point of view

Valencia (Spain)

Working with the director and producer of this demo-reel for the architect Xavier Pastor, incorporating ambient music for this piece of three minutes.

Read more: A point of view

Video mapping workshop

Barcelona (Spain)

The mapping allows us to work in a visual space scenery with video projectors light of a very special and rewarding "growing" architectural space with a set of images that confuse perception. A workshop with many practical, all have production capacity of video (After Effects, 3D software, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Gimp, etc ...)

Read more: Video mapping workshop

Interactivos?12 Science Gallery

Dublin (Ireland)

Taking a creative approach to solving real world problems, Interactivos '12 was a two-week workshop where participants from all over Europe collaborated in developing ideas that ranged from planting guerilla gardens with "seed bombs" to turning recycling bins into public art. See the results of the workshop, and meet the scientists and artists behind them.

Read more: Interactivos?12 Science Gallery

Curt al pap

Valencia (Spain)

Music work for Spot of a short film national festival that takes place in Alicante (Valencia). Transmit the preparation and process of a traditional home sweet in 45seconds to promote the festival on television and internet social networks.

Read more: Curt al pap

Tracking workshop

Barcelona (Spain)

Make an interactive video, get away from the computer and move freely around the room, dance videos that react to the public... these are just some of the examples that can be developed through the analysis of computer vision and video tracking.

Read more: Tracking workshop

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